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Your the master

High hopes for today big dreams for tomorrow Your the master  That can bring light From quilt and sorrow DickScott

Leafs are Falling

Leafs are fallingLeafs are falling
The trees are crying
The winds are getting colder
Days are getting shorter
The nights are getting darker
Only one thing matter to me
What i really need
To be as close
To you
As you are
To me DICKSCOTT 2011

Distant Star

Distant Star

Love will always win 
If you fail or if you sin 
Love is who you are 
As beautiful as the rainbow 
Under a distant star 

Gods Love

As this light reach us through the clouds Jesus is able to reach us wherever we are in need of it. Heaven is calling and will help us through suffer and pain in so many ways, sometimes it can be a person giving you a smile and make your day brighter. We tend to forget all this small things that can mean so much for us. 
In every way Every day Gods light will reach us Gods love will teach us That no matter how it seems We are always carried Always cared for Always safe In the hands of our Father

Glad Valborg

Glad Valborg med dagens dikt:

Getting close to the fire Of your burning desire Where the ice melt and the magic begins When the sky is full of stars and all the birds sing