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Visar inlägg från februari, 2010

Our true selves want peace!

This is from the site Spiritualeconomics By Mary Croft: ""We will NEVER have a solution for “commerce” because our true nature – our spirit self – does not really want it. A Course In Miracles says that the job of the ego mind is to, “seek and do not find”. It is the desire of the ego mind to continue to dig in the same hole, year after year, and not truly want to find an answer. The spirit mind knows that the true answer – love – is outside the game. The name of that game is Chaos. What our true selves want is Peace. The creeps are keeping our focus upon the world, upon commerce, and upon finding a “solution” to both commerce and the problems of the world (the cause of which IS commerce), so that we will not find freedom where it truly is … within. Letting go of the continuous search is way too distasteful for the ego mind to contemplate.""