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Leafs are Falling

Leafs are falling

Leafs are falling
The trees are crying
The winds are getting colder
Days are getting shorter
The nights are getting darker
Only one thing matter to me
What i really need
To be as close
To you
As you are
To me


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Gods Spirit: Poem by Dick Scott

Gods spirit~~ Lives in you and me~~ Only Gods spirit~~ Can set us free~~ With a peaceful mind~~ A loving heart~~ And a joyful soul~~ DickScott2015

I ljumma vindars bo

Där natt möter dag~~
Där himmel möter hav~~
Där bruset går till ro~~
I ljumma vindars bo~~
Där liten fågel kurar~~
På gran och tallprydd mo~~
DickScott© 2015

Your True Light

Dont be a prisoner or a guide~~ In this world of confusion~~ Look inside~~ Your true light~~ Are the magic~~ That will bring reality and life~~ Out of illusions and broken dreams~~ DickScott2016